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Know Your Rights: Going Back to School After the Tornadoes

School aged children who lost their homes in the Memorial Day tornadoes may qualify for help to succeed in school, under the McKinney-Vento Act. Children in many common situations are considered “homeless” for help from this law. Many children can stay in last year’s school, even if their temporary place is in another school district.


Children this law can help could be living:

  • with friends or family
  • in a hotel/motel
  • in a shelter
  • in a car or RV
  • any other place which is not permanent, fixed housing for them

Call your liaison for help with:

  • Enrolling in school (either where you are now or staying in last year’s school) •
  • Transportation
  • Uniforms
  • School supplies
  • Getting copies of vaccination or birth certificates
  • After school activity services
  • School fee waivers
  • Referrals to health, counseling, dental, and other services

Call Your McKinney-Vento Liaison for Help

Beavercreek Schools Bobbie Fiori 937-458-2414
Brookville Schools Tim Hopkins 937-833-2181
Dayton Schools Christine Pruitt 937-542-3304
Northridge Schools Nick Price 937-275-7469 ext. 2004
Trotwood Schools Ella Jordan-Isaac 937-854-3050 ext. 1181

Ohio Department of Education, McKinney- Vento Coordinator Susannah Wayland 614-387-7725

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